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Project Idea - sustainable drip irrigation

This page discusses the project idea on the need and possibility of a self sustained drip irrigation system.

Why sustainable drip irrigation

Agriculture is the backbone of India. In areas, where water is scarce, we need efficient methods of irrigation to save water. The two major requirements of agriculture are power and water. We can use sustainable energy such as solar energy and wind energy to generate power. This project is about the independence from external supply for the purpose of irrigation.

How sustainable drip irrigation can be done

Drip irrigation is famous all over India because of its ability to save water. However, complex setup and need of electricity makes drip irrigation less affordable. As seen in Fig. 1, renewable energy can be used instead of electric energy to make the drip irrigation independent of electric supply. Abundant sewage water can replace the water usually obtained from wells, canals and bore wells. This also contributes to the efforts on recycling. The use of sewage water and renewable energy makes this project less complex and cheap compared to the existing irrigation methods.

Project Idea - Sustainable drip irrigation

Video on sustainable drip irrigation system

Download the poster of sustainable drip irrigation system

You can download this poster in the page sustainable drip irrigation system or here

Main components of sustainable drip irrigation system

The main components of the sustainable drip irrigation are the following:

  1. Source of sewage water
  2. Sewage treatment plant
  3. Solar panel
  4. Wind Mill
  5. Water Pump
  6. Overhead Tank
  7. Water lines
  8. Explanation of sustainable drip irrigation system

Sewage water is converted to usable water by using the sewage treatment plant. The power requirement to run the sewage treatment plant is supported by the solar panel. The processed water is pumped to theĀ  overhead tank using the using the water pump powered by the wind-mill. The water kept at the height reaches the plants and irrigates them through the water lines. The schematic of the project is shown in the figure given in next page

##Components required to make a model on sustainable drip irrigation system

Cardboard Mini water pump Caps of water bottles Long sticks Used can Transparent Tubes

Photograph of the model of sustainable drip irrigation system

Photograph of sustanable drip irrigation model
Photograph of sustanable drip irrigation model

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