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Boost your kids mathematical skills

Hello friends

welcome back

Today i will discuss about the new game Fast Brain.

why this game fast brain?

Are you weak in mathematics. Do you want to do mathematics faster. Mathematics is every where wherever you go. whether you do shopping, engineering, science technology, science, business or anything is always related to mathematics It is always good to be strong in Mathematics. this game fast brain will help you become stronger mathematics. you can practice mathematical operations. You can take quiz in mathematics. You can compete with your friends and share your results with your friends to inspire them.

How it is different from other games

  1. No need to install any app.
  2. You can play from your browser itself
  3. It is completely free, no in game purchases or no locked levels
  4. every thing is available to every one

Benefits of playing this game Fast Brain

The Benefits of playing this game are:

  1. increase the speed of doing mathematical calculations
  2. increase the competence level
  3. correct the mistakes in mathematical calculations

How to start

First go to the link gbud.in/t3k and click the start button. You will be asked to enter your name. You can enter any name for your avatar. Choose your avatar also. The game introduction will give you a very short introduction of why to play this game, what are the benefits. Lets go through it. You can skip the introduction if you want by clicking the skip introduction button at the bottom

Play Fast Brain Now

After the introduction is over, the main menu will be shown. This is the main menu. At the top you can see your name and avatar. You can choose to play by any of three different methods. 1. You can play alone 2. You can compete with your friends, even though they are not with you right now, means they are far away from you 3. You can practice

Single Player

If you want to play alone, click single player button. The game will start providing the questions. You have to answer before the time limit reaches zero. When you provide a wrong answer the game will be over and you have to start again. When you provide the right answer it will throw you the next question. You can mute or enable the audio by clicking the speaker button . You can enter your answer by two types of input. Either you can answer as a multiple choice question or you can enter you answer. What you see on the top right is the list of world records. your name and score are shown in blue colour and all others are from the top players who already played this game. When your score is in the five best scores your name and your name and score will be shown to everyone playing this game. You can hide or collapse this display by clicking this arrow button so that only your name will be shown. When you lose the game, the game will show the results. You can see your position against the world records. Either you can play the game again or you can share the results. To share the results you can press the share results button. You will get three options. You can share through whatsapp, mail or facebook. You can see the related games at the bottom and play those if you are interested in playing those games. you set a world record, when your position is within the top three and your name and score will be shown to everyone playing this game.


To change the settings go to setting by clicking the gear button and you can choose whichever operations you want to play among addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. you can enable or disable them. The ones in green color are enabled and the ones in gray color are disabled. You can set the range of numbers by clicking the set number range button. You can set both positive and negative numbers. After each question the game will wait for our answer for some time. You can change the waiting time by clicking the max time button. When you want to answer faster, keep lesser number of seconds or change the number of seconds based on your convenience. You can set the difficulty level by clicking the difficulty level button After every answer the game will inform you whether the answer is right or wrong through audio. You can disable the result audio by clicking the result audio button. When you are training , if you give a wrong answer, the game will give you the right answer also when this result audio is enabled. You can change the avatar and player name by clicking the avatar button if you want. Go back to the main menu by clicking this button.

Play with Friends

To play with your friends, go to multiplayer and invite your friends. Invite them by sending the invitation link through whatsapp, mail or facebook. Your friends can click the link they receive and they can click the join button. When your friends join, then you will get an intimation to start the competitions. Any number of your friends can join the competition. To start the competition, press the start race button so that the competition between you and your friends would start at the same time. Both of your scores will be updated real time real time. You can see others scores at the top right location. When one of them lost the game, it will show in the other persons screen also that their friends lost their game. However, the friends can play the game again and their scores will be set to zero. When you get the results you can results by clicking the share results buttons or you can play again. You can play the related games also.

Train yourself

If you want to practice go to training by clicking the training button. Then you will be given the question and there will be no timer. The game will wait for your answer when the answer is given, the game will ask you the next question. When you give the wrong answer, the game will give you the right answer also.

Your Scores

IF you want see all your scores, you can see by clicking the see my scores button. You can see scores for all the games you have played so far. This will provide the list of scores. You can share all your scores by clicking the share scores button. You can even keep your scores as whatsapp status also.

Thank You

I hope this game Fast brain is useful for you. Share it with your friends. Play with your friends. Be strong in Mathematics. Thank you friend.

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